Volunteer Benefits

Would you like to shop early for the best bargains?

  • If you work ONE 4-hour shift, you will shop at the pre-sale beginning at 1 p.m. on Sunday (instead of 2 p.m. with all the other consignors).
  • If you work TWO 4 hour shifts (a total of 8 hours), you will shop beginning at 12:30 p.m.
  • If you work THREE 4 hour shifts (a total of 12 hours, with one of them being a sorting shift), you can shop at 12 p.m. You will also receive 75% of your consignment proceeds (instead of 70%).  You will get the very first selection and have fewer people to shop with.

We have a great incentive if you volunteer for any 4-hour sorting shift: you receive $20 in Angel Bucks (gift certificates to use at any Kid’s Sale) as well as you receive your consignor check as soon as you complete your shift — instead of waiting until the regular pick-up day!!! (If you choose this option, you would not shop early.)

Volunteer Policies

Volunteers will be issued their $5 Angel Bucks (gift certificates to use at Kids Sale) when their shift or shifts they’ve committed to are completed.  Please note that you receive a total of $5 in Angel Bucks for your total volunteer commitment at each particular sale.

If you cannot work your scheduled shift and are unable to make it up during the current sale, your consignor check will be deducted $25 for each shift you do not work.

Volunteer Opportunities

“Let’s Make a Deal”

For those of you who are not able to volunteer but would like to help and shop early, we are offering these deals for you!

Radio or TV Coverage

If you have contact with any of the local radio or television stations and can “pull some strings” for us, you will earn a pass to shop early (equivalent to 1 4-hour shift). You must contact us before contacting the station to get an approval!

Advertising Signs

Do you have the resources or connections to make vinyl roadside signs? This will earn you one shop early passes (equivalent to 1 4-hour shift).

Volunteer tasks are very easy. It’s fun and the work is worth getting to shop first! We have a good time and it’s great way to meet other moms in the area. Please arrive a few minutes before your shift begins. Please bring snacks for your shift.

You can always split up a shift (work 2 2-hour shifts or four one hour shifts). Also, we greatly appreciate just a few minutes here and there if you are close by or are in the store and you see a need.