1. Get a consignor number. Note: you cannot get a consignor number while a sale is in progress. Contact us at 740-646-5225 to get a consignor number while a sale is in progress.

2. We accept clean, in season items. Some categories are limited (adult, shoes, etc. See full listing of what we accept below.)

3. Gather up all of your items in bags or boxes, preferably that you don’t need back, marked with your consignor number.

4. Drop off your items at the Kid’s Sale store in South Point, Ohio any day that we are selling or having consignor dropoff (these dates and times can be found on our home page).

Acceptable items:

Please note that we will be accepting household decorative items as well as household and children’s furniture.

In order to maintain a high quality sale and to increase your profitability, we will no longer accept any defective items, specifically those with stains. In the event such items are found on the racks during the sale, they will be pulled and donated! Before you spend your valuable time tagging your items, please inspect your clothing in a very well-lit area to be sure it meets our guidelines. ****Please smell your items. They cannot smell of smoke, mildew, pets or any other bad smell.

Acceptable Items

  • Pants, capris, shorts, short sleeves tops, sleeveless tops, swimsuits (no long sleeve t-shirts or sweatshirts UNLESS specifically Nike, Under Armour or Adidas brands; no long sleeve dress shirts, no sweaters, no heavy winter items, no spring/fall/winter themed items).
  • Framed pictures, canvases or empty picture frames – 5 and they either need to come from Hobby Lobby or be of similar style/quality.
  • Other household items will be limited to 40 items per consignor number.
  • Maternity clothes and/or nursing (breastfeeding) clothing (LIMIT 15 items per consignor).
  • Baby accessories, such as bibs, burp cloths, towels, blankets, dishes, bottles, sippy cups: 20.
  • Items behind the counter will be limited to 15 at any one time; you may exchange them each month, if you’d like.

LIMIT 50 hanging items per sex for 12 months and under only (no bagged items of baby clothing). ***No single item sizes 12 months & under may be sold (1 pair of pants, 1 onesies, etc.) You must sell the same sized/same brand outfit or coordinating onesie set. Any cloth item (blankets, onesies, grocery cart covers) should be hung.

Junior clothing is limited to 20 pieces per sex per consignor number and also to brand names: please note that junior sizes are generally odd numbers (3,5,7,9) and misses sizes are even. We are only accepting junior sizes. Please do not bring ladies clothing as we cannot accept those items in the junior category. The junior brands that we will be accepting are: Aeropostle/Aerie, Pink/Victoria Secret, American Eagle, Old Navy, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Arizona, Pac Sun, Rue 21, Body Central, Lucky (jeans), Gap, Juicy, Journeys, Fossil. We will also accept boys junior clothing. We will accept the brands listed above as well as Levi jeans. We will accept through waist size 40. Nike, Under Armour and Adidas will not be limited.

  • Adult clothing – anything that does not fall into the acceptable junior brands above is considered adult clothing for the Kid’s Sale events. You may bring 10 pieces of adult clothing (men’s and womens – a total of 10 items). These items must be newer pieces: purchased in the last 3 years, stylish and clean.
  • Bras – limited to 5 per consignor number
  • Underwear – must be new and limited to 5
  • Children’s Equipment – beds, strollers, high chairs, furniture, potty chairs, etc.
  • Seasonal shoes – all must be in GREAT condition (accept sizes Newborn through teen size 13) (LIMIT 10 pair per sex – 5 to place on sales floor; 5 to be restocked) Tennis shoes must be in excellent condition (ie show no wear)!
  • Hairbows – limit 20 for each consignor; we will now provide a display near the register area; please do not include website, phone number or business name on the hairbows
  • Sports equipment or fitness equipment
  • Toys – batteries must be included (if needed) and toys must be in good working condition; plush items must be priced $10 or more
  • Books – children’s only; LIMIT 10 books. We no longer accept bagged books (books in a bag). Please price them individually.
  • “Adult” books – we will not be able to accept adult book at the south point location
  • Movies (must either be in their original case or be labeled on the outside for easier shopping) – children’s movies only (no rated “R” movies or “Not rated” movies with adult content); VHS movies will no longer be accepted; DVDs will be limited to 10 per consignor number
  • Purses – must be in EXCELLENT condition; absolutely no tears or marks on them; limited to 5 per consignor number
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Home School Curriculum
  • Household decorations – we will ONLY be accepting primitive decor, farmhouse decor, decor purchased from Hobby Lobby
  • Sofas & other upholstered items – you need to send a picture and price to Lydia at 740-646-5225 – for pre-approval in excellent condition and free of smoke or other foul odors
  • Bedroom furniture (headboards must have the bedframes with them)
  • Wood or iron furniture

Clothes need to be current styles, clean, smell fresh and be pressed. Buttons and zippers need to be closed. Shoes must be clean and in excellent condition. Toys which require batteries must include them. Baby furniture, equipment and toys should be clean, have all parts and any small pieces should be in a Ziploc bag, securely attached to the main part with packaging tape. Equipment needs to be completely assembled at drop-off. If you bring a car seat, please call the Dept. of Transportation at 800-424-9393 to make sure it has not been recalled.

Unacceptable Items:

  • No more than 5 of the same (identical) items
  • We can no longer accept bicycle helmets, baby shopping cart covers or baby car seat covers
  • We will no longer be accepting:
    • any pillows or bedding of any kind
    • reusable “adult” (non children’s) cup (like Tervis)
    • mugs of any kind
    • picture albums
  • We have changed/added the following limits:
    • DVDs – 10
    • Books – 10
    • Adult clothing – 10 total (Junior clothing limit is 20/sex/consignor number)
    • Baby accessories, such as bibs, burp cloths, towels, blankets, dishes, bottles, sippy cups: 20
    • Items behind the counter will be limited to:  3 clothing items, 3 pair of shoes, 3 toys/cage items; 2 locked up purses at any one time; you may exchange them each sale, if you’d like
    • Framed pictures, canvases or empty picture frames – 5 and they either need to come from Hobby Lobby or be or similar style/quality
    • Other household/non-children’s items will be limited to 40 items per consignor number
  • We are no longer accepting “dress” heels (dress shoes with heels)
  • We are no longer accepting single items, sizes 12 months & under (1 pair of pants, 1 onesie, etc.). You must sell the same sized/same brand outfit or coordinating onesies as a set
  • No single pieces of pajamas (a pajama shirt only or pajama bottoms only)
  • No adult books
  • We are no longer accepting formal dresses (unless they’re priced $35 or less and will be placed in the appropriate size)
  • We are no longer accepting fashion scarves
  • We are no longer accepting cell phone or tablet cases or accessories
  • We are no longer accepting breast pumps
  • We cannot accept baby beds with drop-down sides. (Even if they have been fixed, if they have ever been drop-side, we cannot accept them.)
  • Bagged items of baby clothing (onesies, bibs, bedding, etc). These all need to be hung.
  • Clothing from destination locations (ie from the beach or other vacation spot)
  • Clothing with a date more than 2 years old (ie 2002 Fall Bash)
  • Adult movies (Rated “R” or “not rated” with adult content) or movies without a case
  • VHS movies
  • Clothing that smells bad, is torn, stained, faded or out of date
  • Battery-operated toys without the batteries
  • Stuffed animals
  • Grab bags of fast food toys
  • Underwear (unless it’s in the original package)
  • Sofas that are old or smell bad
  • Mattress sets (except children’s crib and toddler mattresses)
  • Headboards without the remaining bedframe
  • Curtains or curtain rods, blinds, any window treatments
  • Adult bedding (blankets, quilts, comforters, sheets)
  • Floral arrangements
  • Placemats, tablecloths, table runners
  • Brass items
  • Dishes, canister sets, drinking glasses, mugs
  • Figurines
  • Computers or related equipment
  • Telephones or answering machines (unless they are children’s)
  • Partially burned candles
  • Children’s jewelry
  • Children’s party packages (invitations, decorations, etc)
  • Baby formula
  • Items from the Dollar Tree or similar store
  • Glassware
  • Face masks or PPP
  • Longaberger baskets
  • Baby, children’s, teen, or adult bedding
  • Infant playmats
  • Nursing pillows
  • Any plush toy NOT priced $10 or above
  • Adult books
  • Boyd’s bears