Welcome to Kid's Sale - The Tri-State's Leading Seasonal Children's Consignment & Household Furniture Sales

Shopping for children’s items and furniture is time consuming and expensive!  Kids Sale provides high quality items in a convenient location at discount prices!  There are thousands of items to choose from.  Stop by to see the savings and selection!  Most items are half price on Friday and Saturday!

You'll find children's clothing (boys and girls - infant through children's size 18 as well as juniors), maternity clothing, children's toys, cribs, strollers, highchairs, carseats, bouncy seats, exersaucers, books, games, and other children's items.   


Why Consign?

Consignment is a great way to make money for your gently used and outgrown children’s clothing, furniture, toys and baby equipment as well as your maternity clothing and household furniture.  We all know how quickly children outgrow their items and how expensive these items are in retail stores!  Consignment provides an opportunity to buy great items for your children and yourself at discount prices!  Consignors receive 70% of the sales price less a $8 participation fee plus they get the chance to shop before the sale opens to the public.  You are in control – you set the price for your items.  All of the advertising and selling hassles are taken care of for you.  Call today to find out how to start making money on your children’s and furniture items


We will be accepting adult clothing once again at our Ashland and Huntington Area winter sales.  There is a limit of 15 adult clothing items at the Ashland and Huntington sales.

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Important differences in items we are accepting for the Teays Valley sale:
1.  No adult clothing
2.  Junior clothing:  limited to 5 pieces
3.  Shoes:  limited to 10 pair per sex
4.  No household furniture (no non-child-related furniture)

Spread the Word - Download and print flyer now

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What season/items we'll accept at all of the upcoming fall sales:

Halloween costumes, long shorts (to the knee for back-to-school) pants, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, light-weight jackets, (no sleeveless or summery items, no short-shorts, no winter or Christmas-themed items)

Hangers now Available for Purchase

You may purchase new metal hangers from Kids Sale.  The hangers will be 20 hangers for $2.  These will be available on drop-off days and pick-up days.  Please have exact change or check.

No More Bagged Baby Clothing Items

We will no longer accept baby clothing and baby items in bags (excluding socks, which still be bagged).  Onesies, sleepers, blankets, shopping cart covers, etc. all sell better on hangers.  Also, they can be seen better and the items do not get separated from their tag as easily.   You may now bring  35 hanging clothing items sized 12 months and under.  You may hang 4-5 onesies on a hanger and give them 1 price, just as you placed 4-5 onesies in bags

Pre-Sale for Facebook Fans! 

Facebook Fans may now shop our pre-sale before we open to the public.  Facebook Fans may shop the Sunday before we open to the public at 5:00 pm.  Just bring your phone, ipad or other electronic device and show us that you are a fan of Kids Sale and are receiving our notifications and you may shop at your designated time! 


Changes for Volunteers

For anyone wanting to volunteer and not consign, there will be a $25 deposit fee per shift charged at the door on pre-sale Sunday.  This money will be returned to you upon the completion of your shift(s).  This is to help cover your shift in the chance that you are not able to show.

Tagging Service Offered for Winter Sales, 2015

Are you too busy to tag your own items?  Just contact us and we'll tag your items.  You will receive 50%.  You will still be able to shop the pre-sale as a consignor and can pick-up your check 2 - 5 days after the sale is over or choose to have it mailed to you.  We will tag as many as we can on a first come, first serve basis (the sooner we get them, the more likely it is to have them tagged and included the next sale).  We will not be able to accept any items to be tagged later than 2 weeks before drop-off.    Just call us at 888-543-7725 to make arrangements.  You need to provide your items in boxes or bags clearly marked with your name and need to provide hangers to place your items on.