Frequently Asked Questions

How does consignment work at Kids Sale?

The consignor is responsible for hanging, pricing, and tagging each item to sell according to the instructions on the page “Consign”, “How it Works”.  Consignors bring the items in during the appointed drop-off times.  Anything that sells, they receive 70% of their asking price, less an $5 consignor fee and a $5 sorting fee (if they don't meet the volunteer requirement). 


I’m too busy to tag my own items.  Is there anything I can do?

We do offer a tagging service.  Just make arrangements to get your items and hangers to us at least 2 weeks before the drop-off date.  We’ll price, tag and hang your items.  You will receive the same consignor benefits (early shopping) and receive 50% of the items which sell (less the $5 and $5 fees listed above).  We will transport your items to the sale and put them out for you.


Is there a limit on how much I may bring?

Generally, Kid's Sale does not limit how much you bring except in the following categories: 


Do you accept stuffed animals?

No, not unless they are battery operated and do something.  They still must be clean and in great shape.  


When do I receive my check?

Pick-up is usually 2-5 days after our last selling day.  You pick up your unsold items at the same time as your check.  Check our website under Shop, Sale Dates for the exact date of pick-up for each sale.

*see detailed instructions on the page "Consign", "How it works"