Steps to Becoming a Consignor

Printable Steps to Consigning


Step 1: Get a Consignor Number

Previous consignors (if you have consigned with us before or registered for a number before):

RETURNING Consignor Login - Ashland Sale (Kyova)

RETURNING Consignor Login - Huntington Area (@ Kyova)

New consignors: If you have never registered for a consignor number:

NEW Consignor Registration - Ashland Sale (Kyova)

NEW Consignor Registration - Huntington Area Sale (@ Kyova)


Step 2: Acceptable and Unacceptable Items

Please note that we will be accepting household decorative items (please note below what we do not accept) as well as household and children's furniture.

In order to maintain a high quality sale and to increase your profitability, we will no longer accept any defective items, specifically those with stains. In the event such items are found on the racks during the sale, they will be pulled and donated! Before you spend your valuable time tagging your items, please inspect your clothing in a very well-lit area to be sure it meets our guidelines. ****Please smell your items. They cannot smell of smoke, mildew, pets or any other bad smell.

Acceptable Items